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Episode 16 - Overfitting Toddlers and Underfitting Curmudgeons

Episode 16 - Overfitting Toddlers and Underfitting Curmudgeons

Today's concept is underfitting vs. overfitting. Someone who underfits doesn't adapt quickly enough to new data. But if you think that's bad, an overfitter will read TOO MUCH into new data and come up with wild ideas. How do you balance between them and what are some examples?

We also talk about Warren Buffet's Recent statements on Bitcoin as Rat Poison Squared, and the response from Union Square Venure's Fred Wilson. How does Bitcoin get it's value? We look at underfitters and overfitters in the crypto space.

Finally, the value of the Turing Test. When General AI comes, will it be the fabled machine that can pass as human, or will that idea be sidelined as more profitable uses taken precedent.

Also, we learn what an Ornithopter is, and get an update on Yanny-Laurel.

Bitcoin: Fred Wilson’s Response to Buffett and Gates

Probability of catastrophic events (prompted by discussion of hyper inflation & currency collapse)

Value of the Turing Test

Aaron's fitting experience on under/overfitting @ first job (from linkedin):

Development of a robust & adaptable discrimination database with an established process for the inclusion of new threats with minimal turnaround time. Involved modification & customization of clustering algorithms, assessment of feature sets & clusters for optimization, performance analysis of end-to-end scenario simulation using standard MATLAB tools as well as proprietary simulation & analysis programs.

Prizes for beating the Turing Test:
Robotic Copilot:
Loebner Prize Website, and amounts on wikipedia Also: “Within the field of artificial intelligence, the Loebner Prize is somewhat controversial; the most prominent critic, Marvin Minsky, called it a publicity stunt that does not help the field along.”

Movies Mentioned
Manchurian Candidate:
Black Panther: 
Imitation Game:

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Tom Woods Show: The liberty education podcast where I got a mention recently. Specific Episode 1158 where was linked.

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